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Star swarm tech demo

Star Swarm is a real-time demo of Oxide Games’ Nitrous engine, which pits two AI-controlled fleets against each other in a furious space battle. Originally conceived as an internal stress test, Oxide decided to release Star Swarm so that the public can share our vision of what. 31 Jan Star Swarm, the 3D benchmark tech demo of Oxide Games' bit Nitrous Engine , is now available through Steam as promised. You can download Star Swarm here to see what your gaming PC can handle the next-gen engine. The Nitrous engine currently being used to develop three games: an. NOTE: Star Swarm is not a game, but rather a demo showing off the Nitrous engine and what it means for the future of strategy games. Nitrous is capable of simulating and rendering large-scale, complex scenes never before seen in games, which opens doors to entirely new types of experiences that simply weren't possible.

There's another free game on Steam (apart from the one GooGoo posted earlier today called Serena). This second game is more a tech demo, but is a stand alone and worth the download; especially if you are into anything space oriented. The game is called Star Swarm. Which you can find HERE. You can. 31 Jan According to the Steam page, the engine utilized for the Star Swarm tech demo is already being utilized in three different games. The first is a title (unannounced as of yet) from the engine developers themselves. The second is the Star Control reboot from Stardock, and the final game is codenamed Mars. The first images and footage of Oxide's new Star Swarm tech demo, powered by the Nitrous Engine, reveal epic 10, ship battles designed to get your graphics cards working up a sweat. The Nitrous Engine was revealed at this years CES event as a showcase for the performance of AMD's Mantle API technology.


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