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28 Jul Inside your text editor, select the text that you want to link to a document. How to Link to PDFs and Other Files in Joomla. Click the link icon in the toolbar. Click the small "Browse" icon in the top-right corner of the pop-up: Browse through the Media Manager to find your file. Select the file and click the "Insert". 11 Mar JCE Link Manager: Install the JCE Editor and set it as your default editor in your Global Configuration. Open an article that needs a PDF document. DocMan Component: This is a more robust solution than the first two options, and creates a document library. 18 Apr I'm trying to link pdf documents in my images folder as a new window to open when clicking in an article. I check and somehow, the article's link editor doesn't seem to provide a way to select a file in the media manager. Unless someone suggests a shorcut or even a plugin that I'm unaware of, the only way I.

25 Jan Hi Everyone, I am a Joomla newbie I have managed to figure out most everything on my own up until now. What I want to do is this On my front page menu I would like to have one of my menu items when clicked - link to a pdf file so that it can be opened and read. I have read a couple of the postings here. 18 Jun I have uploaded a pdf document to media manager and am trying to link it to a menu so that when you click on the menu item it just launches the PDF. I figured out how to do it in Joomla , but am now using and can't figure it out. Thanks for any help anyone can give me. Darkmattersfo. Top. 22 Mar I know this will probably have been covered in another topic but ..(please link if so). I am using Joomla! and I have uploaded a PDF document (to Media Manager)and I want to link it to some text within an Article..'Please take a look at our latest brochure (e.g.) . I can't find where the link url is.

27 Jun I have read all the tutorials I can find on how to link to a pdf from within Joomla, and not one of them tells me how, once I've uploaded the pdf into the Media manager, to know what the URL is for use in linking. I've tried all kinds of variations on websiteaddress/images/downloads/, and so on. 15 Jul Dear Friends. Is it possible to upload a PDF file to Joomla (Media Manager?) and then insert a link to it (which would open the file using Adobe) in an article. Thanks for your help with a new user. Peace. Top. jcms: I've been banned! Posts: Joined: Wed Nov 19, am. Re: Inserting PDF file. 3 Aug Browse the file from the computer, then Start Upload: Joomla_3.x- How_to_create_a_document_link_in_an_article_and_assign_it_to_the_menu We will copy the generated link for the document. For example, in this case the root folder is images, the folder is document, the file name is , then we.


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