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Klingon war song

"The Warrior's Anthem" was a traditional piece of music sung by Klingon warriors on their way into battle. The song was typically initiated by someone rapping their hands on an available surface to the rhythm of the song, shortly followed up by them or another Klingon beginning to sing with. 19 Jul Klingon Lyrics. Qoy qeylIs puqloD. Qoy puqbe'pu'. yoHbogh matlhbogh je SuvwI' Say'moHchu' may' 'Iw. maSuv manong 'ej maHoHchu'. nI'be' yInmaj 'ach wovqu'. batlh maHeghbej 'ej yo' qIjDaq vavpu'ma' DImuv. pa' reH maSuvtaHqu'. mamevQo'. maSuvtaH. ma'ov. I'm looking for any information on klingon songs especially the one from the DS9 episode "soldiers of the empire".

Once they ran out of gumdrops, Martok and Gowron invited everyone else who'd dressed up in Klingon finery to climb onto the stage with them for several spirited choruses of the “Klingon War Song.” There was a Klingon from El Sobrante out in the East Bay, another from up north past Napa somewhere and another from. 3 Dec Artist: Klingon Folk; Featuring artist: Traditional folk song; Song: The Klingon Anthem - Hear! Sons of Kahless 4 translations; Translations: English, Russian, Tongan, Transliteration. Proofreading requested. Klingon. The Klingon Anthem - Hear! Sons of Kahless. OriginalTransliteration. Qoy qeylIs puqloD.


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