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What programming software does the ACE utilize? The ACE programming software is called System Tools Suite or STS. The current version is released in fall of Motorola ACE System Tools Suite is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3. The Motorola products described in this instruction manual may include copyrighted Motorola computer programs stored in semi conductor memories or other media. Laws in the United States and other countries preserve for Motorola certain exclusive rights for copyrighted computer programs including the exclusive right to. ACE System Overview. 2. • The Front End Processor (FEP). The Front End Processor is used at the central site(s) to provide a two-way path to the communication system and the distant RTUs from the SCADA Manager hardware and software. The FEP converts MDLC protocol data from the RTUs to a protocol used by.

The ACE RTU combines local processing capability of a PLC with the best- in class communications capacity of an RTU to create an all in one high performance unit. It allows seamless integration with PLCs, RTUs and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED). A powerful processor combined with versatile input/ output. new Smart Grid operating procedures. An Intelligent, Expandable, Integrated Solution. The Motorola ACE RTU helps utilities boost operating and cost benefits achieved through distribution automation. Built around a modular hardware and software architecture, ACE can implement RTU configurations with CPU. PAGE 2. ACE RTU - BUILDING BLOCKS. Housing &. Chassis. Frames. I/O Modules. CPU. Power. Supply. Radios. Software . Compatible with MOSCAD and MOSCAD-L, ΔT ≤ 5 ms. • MDLC extended time sync. on serial ports and conventional radio port, ΔT ≤ 2 ms (ACE only). • Network Time Protocol ( NTP).

Give the students the ability to Download RTU Firmware, Site Configurations, Application, Network Configuration, and RTU Flash Programs. Instruct the student on the use of Maintenance Features within the Motorola RTU Programming Software. Instruct students on various hardware tests and calibration for I/O modules. PROVEN PERFORMANCE. For over thirty-five years, Motorola has delivered SCADA solutions to the water/wastewater industry. From small rural water operations to large, complex systems with remote wells, storage reservoirs and treatment plants; our customers benefit from Motorola's commitment to their success. Today. Motorola SCADA systems provide highly reliable communication and control to enhance productivity and efficiency. Our modular ACE RTUs are expandable to meet your growing needs as the next generation MOSCAD RTU. US3 Provides Motorola Authorized Service for. Emergency Service: 24hr/Day, 7 Day/Week.


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