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The cameras are rolling because the house is the most expensive single-family home in the country. They're calling it Versailles, obviously. These are the essential details of Lauren Greenfield's acclaimed documentary, a film that is a better document of the Great Recession than any stuffy best-seller or long- winded op-ed. Looking for educational resources on topics such as racism, media literacy, gender identity and cultural studies? Click here to view our list of documentaries. This six-part documentary-drama miniseries from the History channel portrays more than years of American history. In “Division,” you'll learn how cotton was king in the mids but slavery fueled a growing divide. In “Civil War,” you' ll learn about how the Confederacy was no match for the Union's mastery of.

Employing unique microscopic cameras and powerful specialized microphones, this highly praised French documentary is a fascinating look at the seldom- explored world of insects and other minute creatures as they go about their daily lives. With footage of ladybugs feasting and snails mating to a mystical score by. This documentary series lets viewers follow humankind's family tree to its very beginning and take the first step alongside our earliest ancestors. Length: Two 49 -minute episodes. Rating: TV-PG. Becoming Human. Amazonpic. NOVA: Becoming Human. Where did we come from? What makes us human? An explosion of. 16 Jul Page 1 of 12 - Eating Disorder movies, tv shows, and documentaries. - posted in Movies and TV Shows: Movies about Eating Disorders: Dying To Dance Dying To Be Perfect For The Love Of Nancy Hunger Point Kates Secret Little Girls In Pretty Boxes Perfect Body Secret Life Of Mary Margaret Sharing The.

12 May Walking with Dinosaurs (TV). Subject: Nature, Archeology Creators: Tim Haines, Kenneth Branagh Cert: PG Series: 1, In a nutshell: The once- groundbreaking CGI may now look a little dated, but this 6-part dino-doc remains one of the BBC's Natural History Unit greatest achievments. It scooped up. 25 Sep Looking for the best vegan documentaries out there? We got you covered with this ultimate guide to vegan documentaries, short films, and speeches.


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