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It featured the animated adventures of Clippit (voiced by comedian Gilbert Gottfried) as he learned to cope with unemployment ("X XP As in, ex- paperclip?!") and parodied behaviors of the Office assistant. Curiously, one of these ("Clippy Faces Facts") uses the same punchline as one of the User Friendly comic strips. 28 Apr It's certainly been a while since the the early noughties but it would be hard to forget everyone's most hated and useless Microsoft Office assistant, Clippy, who has recently resurfaced pregnant. Your timeline has now been blessed by mpreg Clippy — Katie Notopoulos. 1 Mar The world's most infamous paper clip is back in the form of a Chrome extension called Clippy Everywhere! Once installed and what Microsoft thought. We'll see if the lawyers get involved, but for now, even Microsoft can't stop developers from recreating the most loved/hated office assistant of all time.

27 Apr It's You're hooked up to a modem and are typing away on a Microsoft document when an animated paperclip pops onto the screen. “It looks like you're writing a letter. Would you like help?” was a familiar, annoying refrain from Clippy . Surprisingly, Clippy is hot now, undergoing a cultural renaissance. is a full Javascript implementation of Microsoft Agent (AKA Clippy and friends), ready to be embedded in any website. Pick an assistant below and mash some animation buttons! During lunch a few weeks ago we thought it would be cool to have a fully functional Clippy that can be embedded in any website. 15 May Clippy, the animated Microsoft Office Assistant, is back. The irritating paper clip, and a bunch of its friends, have unofficially returned in JavaScript form, and can be embedded in any website.

23 Jun “We did a bunch of focus-group testing” on Clippy and the other Microsoft Office assistants, Ho says, “and the results came back kind of negative.” Most of the women thought the characters were too male and that they were leering at them. So we're sitting in a conference room. There's me and, I think, like. 10 Nov Microsoft has unveiled a new feature for Word it said would help Office users produce better resumes by implementing insights and data via LinkedIn integration. The new feature, Resume Assistant, seeks to help resume writers develop better CVs by highlighting relevant examples from experienced. Clippit, better known as Clippy, is the default animated character in the English Windows version of Microsoft Office Assistant, an interactive user's guide that came pre-installed with Microsoft Office bundles from Due to its impractical and intrusive nature, Clippy quickly became a subject of mockery among Office.


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