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Transformers prime beast hunters all episodes

After the incident, Knock Out must give all of his work to Shockwave, and Starscream gets beaten up by Megatron for starting this mess. Deaths: The Autobots launch their drone and Optimus Prime follows it, but along the way he is confronted by Starscream and his armada. First Look: George Takei Guest Stars on The Hub's Transformers Prime. Apr 12, PM EDT. All decks, alert: George Takei — Star Trek's Mr. Sulu — is going somewhere he's never gone before: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters. In the episode, "Rebellion," a new member leads Team Prime as it wages war against. 31 Mar Team Prime splits up to find the four Iacon relics, and Arcee and Bumblebee go deep into New York's "underground" in an attempt to beat Knock Out and an Insecticon to one. 39, "Triangulation", David McDermott, Todd Waterman, May 12, Optimus Prime hunts for relics in Antarctica and finds himself.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters is the third and final season of Transformers: Prime. The season was comprised of 13 episodes, bringing the series to a total of 65 episodes by its conclusion. After the series was finished, there was a TV Movie called Transformers Prime: Predacons Rising which aired on October 4, Animation · In this new set of adventures the Autobots live on Earth and maintain their secret identity. They are joined by 3 teens as they battle the Decepticons. . Episodes . Also Known As: Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters See more». Watch Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Season 3 Scattered on DIRECTV.


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